Marian Czura 0Marian Czura is a German painter and filmmaker of Polish origin. 


He was born in Poland, where he studied philosophy, theology and psychology in Nysa, Opole and Warsaw. After emigrating to Germany he enrolled in the painter's class at the Städel in Frankfurt, spending also some time at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As director, screenwriter and DoP he participated in a lot of documentary films and fictional motion pictures throughout Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece, USA, Australia, Tanzania, Kenia and Papua New Guinea. In the last decades he was focudes as the main author of three documentary films, Beutekameraden, telling the forgotten story of polish, mainly silesian man, who where forced to fight for Nazi Germany, He danced life about the tragic life of jewish flamenco dancer Sylvin Rubinstein, who turned to be a most effictive special agent in WWII, as well as Klang der Seele, a documentary about young, ongoing composers. He tought at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, and the IFFMA in Munich. He resides currently in Darmstadt, Germany. His son Roman is a composer.